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    Haijorken Kijomada's (Clifton Bennett) GM Application


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    Haijorken Kijomada's (Clifton Bennett) GM Application Empty Haijorken Kijomada's (Clifton Bennett) GM Application

    Post  Haijorken on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:25 pm

    Name: Clifton Bennett
    Nickname: Haijorken Kijomada
    Age: 16
    IGN: Akorai
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone (EST -5)

    How long have you played Thelifestory?
    i have been on TheLifeStory for a long time; i've always wanted to be a GM on this server for the longest.

    Please list any other Private Servers you were a GM in:
    Well actually i haven't ever been a GM on any server.

    What do you believe are your good qualities?
    My good qualities is that i'm very kind and honest towards people. I'm loyal towards people and i give them great respect. I can coordinate events and know how to run them as well.

    What do you believe are your bad qualities?
    My bad qualities is that sometimes my schoolwork gets in the way but i can manage my way through this endeavor and i get lazy easy at times. other than this i can manage myself.

    How many hours per day are you able to play Thelifestory?

    What could you contribute to the server that others can't?
    Well like i said before i can coordinate good events that the players will enjoy and have fun on doing. An also i'm a very active player and that i have played on this server FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!!

    How would you handle a hacker if you saw one?
    Now if i noticed a hacker me and an another GM would go invisible and watch the characters activity and if he reacts towards this watch with any abnormal effects then he or she will be BANNED COMPLETELY FROM THE SERVER!!!![/color]

    Well i hope this is GM material for you because ive been on the server for a long time and i know the GM way and how to preform as one.
    THANK YOU!!!!

    Heres my E-MAIL to give me any latest news on the server:

    From one of your LONG TIME PLAYERS:

    Happy Mapling!!!

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    Haijorken Kijomada's (Clifton Bennett) GM Application Empty Re: Haijorken Kijomada's (Clifton Bennett) GM Application

    Post  BigBrother on Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:33 am

    You didn't post this in the GM applications section D:<

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