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    In Game Name & Real/Nick Name: Ign : xAutumnRainn, Nick Autumn
    Time Zone & Location?: GMT + 8 SG
    How often do you play our server?: Everyday
    Do you have any speciality (coding, GFX, etc.)?: Nope .
    How much in-game experience do you have? Inside and outside TheLifeStory: I have been playing maple ever since it started but quitted for some time . Now I am back.
    How old are you?:13
    Ever been a GM before? Provide proof: Nope
    Why do you wish to become a GM?: I want to help new players and host events or many new people may think that the server is as boring as other servers.
    Closing remarks, anything else you want to say
    Not much but i hope you may accept this app as i always wanted to be a GM . Very Happy

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