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    xNoyax's GM Application Empty xNoyax's GM Application

    Post  xNoyax on Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:14 am

    Hi to All Very Happy (Im from Venezuela but i speak Spanish and English)

    Real Name: Gabriel Noya
    In-Game Name: xNoyax
    Age: 14
    Location: Venezuela, Caracas
    Timezone: (GMT -04:30)

    Tell us a little about yourself:
    I am a boy of 14 years old, very generous, smart, funny, available and who loves video games (especially Maple Story, of course on the server TheLife Story)
    Im in Eighth Grade in the school, almost all day on the computer and I'm very good at video games. I love doing group games which is good if I wanted to do an event in the server.

    How often do you play our server?:
    I play this server 2 hours a day every day (sometimes up to 3). I love this server

    How much in-game experience do you have? Inside and outside TheLifeStory:
    Well 3 years ago I started playing maple and then leave for a year and begin again, I play 1 years in the original maple and these last two years I've played on private servers.

    Ever been a GM before? Provide proof:
    Once I was GM in a server, it's really cool and really fun, I fix several problems, I have banned a couple of hackers.

    What can YOU do to help the server (advertising/gfx/coding/) This is where you can be fancy and show your work! :
    Well I will do a bit of Photoshop, I'm not professional but the basics, also to help the server to putting more people could tell my friends, I have like 15 friends who play MapleStory and tell them to play on the Server

    Why do you wish to become a GM?:
    GM would be good for many reasons, including that when I play I see that there is GM's online, occasionally I see one, but I see many people asking: "Is any GM online?" and there are offline. GM is also good to be an arduous and very important that not everyone can do and I think I'm qualified to do this work.

    Closing remarks, anything else you want to say:
    I think I can be a GM, enserio me hope that I am elected by a person very fond of this game and this server. I thank the creator of the server for everything on the server. Thanks for Read my GM Application Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

    I make this post following the guidance of Foxtrot Post

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