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    Exchanging Gems for Items!


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    Exchanging Gems for Items! Empty Exchanging Gems for Items!

    Post  Samer on Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:11 pm

    Alright guys, many of you have Coca-Cola Gems that you wish to trade in for items. Well guess what, I took the time to make up the system for you guys. Take a look.


    Cola-Cards are obtainable for 1bil each from Mr.Sandman or by typing @buycard.

    Cola-GEMS are obtainable from Mr.Sandman or by using @buygem. In addition you may obtain them from the events that GMs host.

    40 GEMS = 1 GM Scroll (+5 Gems if you want a GM to scroll it for you which takes up no slots)

    600 GEMS = Rare Non-Stat Item

    2000 GEMS = 10,000 STATS + 50 WEP ATK/DEF

    3200 GEMS = 20,000 STATS + 100 WEP ATK/DEF

    4,800 GEMS = 25,000 STATS + 500 WEP ATK/DEF

    6,000 GEMS = Max Stats + 2000 WEP ATK/DEF

    8,000 GEMS = Custom Max Stat Item

    15,000 GEMS = GM Dragon ROAR. Please contact a GM in-game.

    *If you have purchased an item with stats and you wish to change the item to another one, a 800 GEM fee is applicable.
    *GM Roar is non-refundable.
    *GMs will not allow you to purchase the item if you do not have the full amount to pay. No exceptions.
    *Items are non-refundable after purchase.

    If you have any suggestions for items or specials please contact me! afro


    *Please note that I reserve the right to change this thread at anytime without notice. Thank you for your cooperation.

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