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    Tiffany's GM Application


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    Tiffany's GM Application Empty Tiffany's GM Application

    Post  TiffanyIsEmox33 on Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:21 am

    In-Game Name:Tiffany
    Location:United States,California

    Tell us a little about yourself:
    I love to help people and i wish to do that in the server too. I love to have fun, but be serious when I have too. I am a straight student since kindergarten. I am in 7th grade and going to be 13 in November 19. I am creative and do things out of this world. I don't care what people say and i got my own style.

    What can YOU do to help the server (advertising/gfx/coding/) This is where you can be fancy and show your work! :I can help the server by advertising. Here my video I made with [GM]Kenshin to help the server get more people.

    Why do you believe you should be picked?
    I believe you should pick me because I love to help people and host events. I am a intern atm. I been hosting some events, even if im not a GM. I am on really late, that when most people are on. I helped many players level and try to solve there problem. I try my best helping server. I would ban all hackers, so server can stay CLEAN. Very Happy

    Last comments, thoughts, statements:
    Thank You For Reading. <33

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