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    Cactus's GM Application Empty Cactus's GM Application

    Post  Cactus on Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:52 pm

    In Game Name & Real/Nick Name: Cactus, Mickey
    Time Zone & Location?:GMT +7, Thailand
    How often do you play our server?: Quite alot
    Cactus's GM Application Untitl10
    Cactus's GM Application Untitl13

    Top 10 in less than a week, I guess that's quite alot.
    Do you have any speciality (coding, GFX, etc.)?: Sorry, no.
    How much in-game experience do you have? Inside and outside TheLifeStory: Started playing Maplesea since it opened. Around 4 years ago. Played for about 2/3years and quitted. Now, I'm back.
    How old are you?:Almost 15
    Ever been a GM before? Provide proof: No.
    Why do you wish to become a GM?:
    Well, alot of the times I come on and I only see about 1 or 2 people on. When I wish to ask GM questions there arent any there. Alot I feel that people that have different time zones (like me) get to participate in less events and it's not fair. This way I would be able to host events for different time zones.
    Closing remarks, anything else you want to say:
    Sorry, I have no experience as a GM and I dont exactly have a specialty. I would help out people in game and try to make them continue to play. Host more events and answer questions the players might have. I cant help with the coding but I could help the ingame situations.

    EDIT: Just to make it a little more clear, the first picture I posted was just to show you the date I started this game. Also, if you see my join date you could tell that IT IS under a week. I've moved up to rank #7 now. Anyways the point I was trying to state is that I play pretty often.

    EDIT 2: Yesterday night I was in an event. It was 11 almost 12PM for me and I had to go bed real soon. Thing is, thats probably the only time that events occur for me on weekdays. Besides that I cant participate in any. I know I've stated these before but if I was to be a GM I would be able to host events a few hours earlier for people that have the same situation as I am. I know you're looking for advertising teams/banner teams right now, but I have seen quite a few people walk in recently with no idea how the game works. All of us have experienced that. Well, what makes them stay? The events? Training?. Personally I think the events are the things that make me stay. Training? Possibly but after about a week of training I'm horribly bored of it. Events can vary, it wouldn't get boring quickly. I feel my English is adequate and people can understand it. Sorry for editing many times, it just feels incomplete.

    Many Thanks.

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