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    Gantz Game Master Application


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    Gantz Game Master Application Empty Gantz Game Master Application

    Post  Gantz on Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:37 am

    Name: Gantz
    Nickname: ... Gantz
    Age: 17
    IGN: Gantz
    Location: Ottawa, ON (Canada)
    Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone (EST -5)

    How long have you played Thelifestory?

    I have just recently joined Thelifestory and I must say so far I am liking it. So much actually, that I have decided to apply. I find that this server has great promise and I want to help it become glorious through dedication, effort and love XD

    Please list any other Private Servers you were a GM in.

    I have quite an extensive list of past experiences relating to server occupations. I have been a GM on about four different maple story servers. Besides that, I have been a GM on two Flyff private servers.

    The four maplestory privates servers were quite some time ago, one of them was a server I made myself which I coded and even added custom and original qualities to through my creativity and innovation.

    MapleStory Servers:

    Maple Legends (My own)
    BlueStory (Was a GM)
    MangoMS (Was a Coder)
    HellMS (Really old server, was a GM)

    Flyff Servers:

    GenXFlyff (Was a forum moderator that rose in rank to GM)

    Flyff Destiny (Was a coder / event coordinator)

    What do you believe are your good qualities?

    I am a very kind, patient person who will stay with a player and help them out till the problem is solved, even if it takes a bit of time. I love to have fun as well, treating everyone with the respect they deserve. Not to be cocky, but I find that I am creative and I love to find solutions to problems through innovative new ideas I think up! : )

    Besides that, I know how to code C++, HTML, Java, Java script and PHP.

    What do you believe are your bad qualities?

    My worst quality is that I procrastinate. It's true, I'm sure most people do, don't try to lie : )

    I work hard to manage my time and I always get the job done, usually with server and free time activities I tend to not procrastinate.

    How many hours per day are you able to play Thelifestory?

    It really depends on what is going on in real life at any given time. For instance, one weekend I could be on a hell of a lot, and maybe that Monday I could only be on an hour or two. Usually though, I will be able to go on about four or five hours on weekdays and around eight hours on weekends. But again, it all depends... I could be on more then that on some days and others I could be on less.

    What could you contribute to the server that others can't?

    Well, I can code which most likely the other candidates cannot do. I also have a good amount of experience and know what I am doing. I am strong and completely fluent in English, I also know some Spanish and Russian. I don't talk like a bafoon with poor grammer and spelling in other words.

    Besides that, I am an active player, always helping others if I get the chance, I can advertise the server, possibly make a video or some banners if I get permission as well as take on any other job that may be assigned to me with confidence!

    How would you handle a hacker if you saw one?

    First of all, I would go invisible and watch him for just enough time to see if he is really hacking. If he is, I will ban him without a seconds notice. Hacking should not be tolerated and as a staff member I would uphold justice. For one, it is unfair to other players that someone has an advantage over them, and secondly, it ruins the overall atmosphere of the server when someone is abusing it.


    Well, I hope that you can consider me as GM Material. If not, I will try to stay active and help out as much as possible just by just being an active, kind, outgoing and helpful member of the community.

    Thank you for your time to read and evaluate my application.

    For any further questions, feel free to email me or chat on MSN:

    Thanks again!



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    Post  Samer on Sat Feb 20, 2010 10:14 am

    Nice application sir.

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