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    [Read First!] Before you post that App...


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    [Read First!] Before you post that App... Empty [Read First!] Before you post that App...

    Post  Sean on Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:42 am

    Ok so I've been reading some of the apps and I want to say something that will either benefit or downgrade your application. Many GM apps have been coming in and people have been posting things like this:

    Hours Played: 7 hours Everyday.

    Honestly, its not about how long you play, but rather maybe we're trying to find GM's that can monitor the server through different timezones -in other words, this will not affect your application the slightest bit unless you put something like "15 mins". 7 hours is really long and definitely doesn't usually happen. Should you post something like this, it will definitely penalize you of your application's grade.

    Second thing: I'm also seeing a lot of applications that have something like this:

    Experience: I've been gm in about 40 different servers.

    Ok, so mayber not that many, but you get the idea. The point of this section of the format is so that we of the staff can see the experience of the applicant. If you really have been gm's in that many servers, then why are you here? Why not the other 100 servers out there. If you think the more server's you've been gm in the better, you're dead wrong! In fact, it will penalize your application.

    3rd: Posting "I've made a server"
    Many people think that posting, "I've made my own server before" will affect how we rate your app. Frankly, it won't. We do not care about if you've made a server, rather if you can code, script, SQL, or GFX design. That's what the "Do you know how to code?" section is for and if you do, please show us your work. It actually add's to your application. Just DON'T LIE!

    4th: Editing!
    How many times have I seen an application with "slang" in it. Please revise your work as it will make it easier for the Staff to read as well as make your application sound more serious rather than sloppy, and "drunk". This greatly affects your app.

    Finally, Begging
    Ugh.. this is one of my biggest pet peeves; begging. When you write "please accept me" or "I'm super awesome" or even "I know this server really well", it only tells us that you're a child that isn't suited for the job. Who care's if you're a good person and know the server really well. Anyone can pretty much get used to the server in a couple of days. You can DEMONSTRATE your charisma and personality in game. No need for that in your application.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this, and may the best applicant win!


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    Post  Cookiez on Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:45 am

    Yes we Can make The GM App change.

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