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    Anthony`s Lvl 4 GM APP ;D


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    Anthony`s Lvl 4 GM APP ;D Empty Anthony`s Lvl 4 GM APP ;D

    Post  Anthony on Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:49 am

    Name: Shawn/anthony

    IGN: Delta

    TimeZone : GMT+8

    From: Singapore

    Rate your English 1-10:Probably a 8 I'm very familiar with the language as it is my native <3.

    How Long can You Play on Week Days if you are a gm? Well im on mostly all day everyday when I try to be.

    How Long Can You play on Week Ends if you are a gm? Uhhh Well, Mornings till Afternoons, then at nights. Mostly all day though./player also can Very Happy

    Experience With Maple: I have years of experience with MS, considering I was an original BETA tester from EMS

    Have You Ever Been a gm? Not sure if you can check the servers since they are offline, but I have been a GM 3 or 4 times. 2 of the times were on Servers that were in the top 5 of the xtremetop100 (Blizzard MS I think it was -rank 3-, Also ProMS until it got XiangMS, and Doodle MS -Me and my friends server, rank 5-.

    Proof Of Being GM :

    List Your Experiences as a GM? ll I've been a GM on many servers and know mostly 95% of the commands/for other source too or so I've been in situations as when players fight or argue, if a situation such as that happens I hear, both sides of the problem. Offer a solution, then deal with the problem. If any disrespect is heard from either side about the GM or the server, or any Foul language arises, give a warning, then if it continues, I usually Jail them for about 10-15min.

    Tell us something about you?Well i'm a fun person to know, My favorite food is pizza, I love basketball, and MapleStory!

    What can you do As a GM? I like helping people, and it is a fun experience. ,HOST EVENT , ban hacker lik BANHAMMER? ! loL ;x for my opinion is to help players and help the community to grow Very Happy

    why do you think i will choose you? if you dun choose me it`s ok Very Happy but im really the good GM Very Happy ! AND THE BEST CHOICE !

    Why do I want to be a gm on your server? Well to help people out and help them understand the server and the rules and help them know everything and figure stuff out and simply to help them, have fun.

    What versions are you available to play? :Only v.62 atm but soon I'm going to get v.75 and v.55.

    -Positive or Negative Answer is Allowed ;D <3
    -By:Shawn/Anthony Very Happy

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    Anthony`s Lvl 4 GM APP ;D Empty Re: Anthony`s Lvl 4 GM APP ;D

    Post  Cookiez on Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:34 am

    Very Nice But We are not hiring GM's Crying or Very sad

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    Anthony`s Lvl 4 GM APP ;D Empty Re: Anthony`s Lvl 4 GM APP ;D

    Post  Stalker on Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:43 pm

    Follow the format. It looks like you copy and pasted from another server.

    Also check your Spelling and Grammar.

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