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    How To: GM Application [READ THIS]


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    How To: GM Application [READ THIS] Empty How To: GM Application [READ THIS]

    Post  Foxtrot on Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:52 pm

    Well I see it hasn't been posted yet so I decided to. However I'd like to make one adjustment to it.

    Most of the following needs to be mentioned in your application, but there's no real need for an order or layout, just be yourself. Smile

    In Game Name & Real/Nick Name:
    Time Zone & Location?:
    How often do you play our server?:
    Do you have any speciality (coding, GFX, etc.)?:
    How much in-game experience do you have? Inside and outside TheLifeStory:
    How old are you?:
    Ever been a GM before? Provide proof:
    Why do you wish to become a GM?:
    Closing remarks, anything else you want to say:

    As of today, February 22, 2010, I don't believe they're Hiring anyone, but that doesn't mean you can't post an application. They might see you're more qualified than someone else, or put you on some kind of stand-by.

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    How To: GM Application [READ THIS] Empty Re: How To: GM Application [READ THIS]

    Post  Sean on Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:47 am



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