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    jt81's Game-Master Application Empty jt81's Game-Master Application

    Post  jt8122 on Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:47 am

    Name: Jeremy Turner
    Age: 15
    IGN: jt81
    Timezone: EST
    Languages: English, and know some Spanish, currently taking Honors Spanish III

    Reasons for being a GM: I am a kind and helpful person, and I like to help others, and I don't expect to be rewarded when I do so, and I like to see the reaction of others helping each other out. I can help out the players in need, especially the new players, and I am very experienced w/ Maplestory.

    Something About Me: I am a sophomore in high school, and like to listen to music and love play the trumpet and melophone, (its like trumpet and baritone had a weird baby and that's the melophone). I've played football for 7 years, and have also played the role "Ben" in the movie The Signal, I am also a model, (sort of) I have been to photo shoots and stuff like that.

    Experiences with being a Game-Master: Although I have had no experience BEING a GM, I have had the pleasure of seeing HOW to be one, and I have been playing Maplestory since 2006. Also I do not have any coding experience. But I could try if the opportunity arose.

    Playing Time: I could play about 2-3 hours on the weekdays, (excluding holidays), and anywhere from 3-6 hours on the weekends.

    If someone was hacking: If I saw someone hacking, I would ban the hacker, even if it was a friend.

    Abuses or Problems: If it was spamming, notice the spammer, and if this spammer persists, then jail. A fight would be dealt with the players being notified to break it up, then I would ask them to explain both of their sides of their stories. A warning will be given and then ask a higher GM what to do,and if no GMs are on then I will jail them both for a while and tell them to try to work it out themselves.

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